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  • Cooling market makes buying less spooky…

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      I know, that headline is a terrible seasonal pun - but it's true, the market is cooling and that is a good thing for buyers. The number of closed sales in September were down 2.8% from August, and the average total market time went from 41 to 46 days in the metro area, according to RMLS data. Still, this appears to be more of a leveling than a down-trend, since the average sale price is up 5.9% this September when compared to September 2014 prices. All in all, it's still a seller's market, but patient buyers are beginning to see relief.

      Apparently it's also a seller's market for pumpkin growers. The harvest is low this year, so don't hesitate to buy your pumpkin pie makings otherwise you might not have your thanksgiving pumpkin pie! You could also get around the shortage by roasting your own pumpkins from one of the local patches that sell good pumpkins for pies. They're usually sold under the name "sugar pumpkins" or "cinderella pumpkins" and all of the farms below have their fun Halloween activities in full swing right now!

      The Pumpkin Patch Lee Farms Kruger's Farm
    • Is Portland Reaching a Rental Peak?

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        The number of people renting homes is as high as its ever been in Portland, but the improving economy might mean a shift in buying over renting.

        Over the past decade many people have decided to rent rather than own their home.

        The reasons are many: The great recession saw a big jump in home foreclosures and a reluctance among banks to make mortgage loans. A bad economy meant many young people couldn’t find money for a down payment. Finally, there was a shift in tastes, where people wanted to live downtown in multifamily units, rather than in the suburbs.

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