Cooling market makes buying less spooky…

I know, that headline is a terrible seasonal pun – but it’s true, the market is cooling and that is a good thing for buyers. The number of closed sales in September were down 2.8% from August, and the average total market time went from 41 to 46 days in the metro area, according to RMLS data. Still, this appears to be more of a leveling than a down-trend, since the average sale price is up 5.9% this September when compared to September 2014 prices. All in all, it’s still a seller’s market, but patient buyers are beginning to see relief.

Apparently it’s also a seller’s market for pumpkin growers. The harvest is low this year, so don’t hesitate to buy your pumpkin pie makings otherwise you might not have your thanksgiving pumpkin pie! You could also get around the shortage by roasting your own pumpkins from one of the local patches that sell good pumpkins for pies. They’re usually sold under the name “sugar pumpkins” or “cinderella pumpkins” and all of the farms below have their fun Halloween activities in full swing right now!

The Pumpkin Patch

Lee Farms

Kruger’s Farm

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Is Portland Reaching a Rental Peak?

The number of people renting homes is as high as its ever been in Portland, but the improving economy might mean a shift in buying over renting.

Over the past decade many people have decided to rent rather than own their home.

The reasons are many: The great recession saw a big jump in home foreclosures and a reluctance among banks to make mortgage loans. A bad economy meant many young people couldn’t find money for a down payment. Finally, there was a shift in tastes, where people wanted to live downtown in multifamily units, rather than in the suburbs.

Read more about this articlehere

via Oregon Office of Economic Analysis

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Buying in September? Great Idea!

We all know this truth: Portland has been HOT this summer.

And you know I’m not just talking about the weather. RMLS statistics revealed that July 2015 boasted the most home sales on record for the Portland Metro area. Despite the seller’s market driving multiple offers, low inventory, and some very weary buyers, Portland isn’t even in the top 20 hottest real estate markets (according to So what’s a buyer to do?

September Settlement!

Autumn Acquisition!

Whatever you want to call it, September through November are great times to buy. Inventory is expected to rise, and sales trends over the years show an easing of competition over the Fall months. Combine that with interest rates hovering around an amazing 4%, and the right time to buy could be right now. So if it’s time for you to move to your next home, give us a call!

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Springtime brings out the best in Portland!

It’s easy to love Spring in Portland, and the fact that there are tons – TONS – of fun events to enjoy makes it even better. Here are some to explore.

Tulip Festival
April 1 – May 3, 2015
See 40 acres of tulips and daffodils in bloom, visit the gift shop & cafe, and check the weekend-events schedule for Tulip Fest at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest

Hardy Plant Sale
April 18 & 19, 2015
Shop for new and time-tested plants as well as garden art at Hortlandia, a plant and art sale run by Hardy Plant Society of Oregon (HPSO) at Portland Expo Center. Free.

Food Cart Festival
April 29, 2015 (5 to 9 pm)
Southeast Portland. Buy a ticket to taste samples from food carts at Eat Mobile, in 3 locations connected by shuttle buses in 2015. Tickets on sale April 1.

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Stolen: A Klamath Falls House (an actual house, off the foundation). If you see it call Klamath Falls police

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – Klamath County sheriff’s deputies have a bizarre mystery on their hands.

A house was stolen.

KOBI-TV reports the 1,200-square-foot home from the Sprague River area was reported missing on Tuesday, Feb. 24.

“We had a complete home stolen. This isn’t a motor home, this isn’t a mobile home and this is a ‘home,'” Sheriff Frank Skrah told KOBI.

Skrah said the home was not on wheels. It was on a foundation.

The home owner has been notified of the theft.

Anyone who spots the missing house is asked to call the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office.

Link to story:

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Do you know someone moving to Portland in 2015? You probably do!

We’re over a week into 2015, which sounds very futuristic. So where is my flying car? I remember somebody saying there would be flying cars. Yet, my car hasn’t left the ground since that time I took a speed bump on SE Lincoln too fast. It’s still the same car. It hasn’t changed, and it won’t this year. But 2015 will bring other changes. We’re seeing them all around Portland, with new restaurants new transportation lines, and a lot of new carpet. Maybe even new neighbors.

Oregon had the highest percentage of people moving in vs. those moving out of all the states in the US in 2014. A huge number of those people are landing in the Portland area, so you can expect new faces and more people around town. While many grumble about the growth, we understand the draw of the city. So let’s welcome them… then encourage city planners to anticipate more housing needs and traffic flow, if they can see to that pleaseandthankyou.

Don’t forget that we can help!  If your friends or family are among the incoming transplants to the Portland area, they’ll need a place to live. We often work with people moving to Portland. We will help them get to know neighborhoods, familiarize them with available housing, and even show them a commuting shortcut or two. Be sure to put us in touch so we can get them into a great home!

So, who do you know who is moving to Portland? 

Amy Seaholt, Oregon Broker
amy.seaholt (at)

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The GasCo Building: See it before it’s gone, better yet Save It!

Photo by: Jody Miller

 The GasCo Building is but a shell of it's former glory 
 sitting along Hwy 30 surrounded by more modest industrial
 It stands out, it's hard to miss and it's presents is a 
 reminder of Portlands past.
 There is so little time left to save it but it's worth a 
 try.  Find out more by clicking the link.

Photo by: Jody Miller
"Friends of the GasCo is a multi-generational grassroots preservation group that is seeking alternatives
to the demolition of the 1913 Portland Gas and Coke Building located in Portland, Oregon.
The Gas and Coke building or GasCo, was constructed in 1913 by Portland Gas and Coke as part of an coal 
and oil gasification plant. Today the building is owned by its successor Northwest Natural Gas (NWNG) and
recently NWNG had planned to demolish the building. The Friends of the GasCo was formed and are currently
in negotiations with NWNG to preserve the building in place with funds raised by 
The Friends of Portland GasCo."
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Tired of burritos Portland? Try a Kati Roll at Bollywood

Bollywood curry dish

Not very often do I get a chance to slip out of the house for a quick bite to eat with my honey.  Instead of the standard mexican fare I wanted to spice it up.  We decided to give Bollywood on Division a go.  It’s been on my list since the first location opened on Alberta.  The moment I passed by, the vibe, decor and tantalizing smells drew me right to the window.  My nose was pressed against the glass people.  I couldn’t believe what a fun, color filled spot I was looking in on.  Last night we gave it a try and they did not disappoint!  For the cost of visiting your local taco shop, you can have curries, chutney and samosas with quick service to boot.  I’ll be back.

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Seattle’s Spite House Sold

SEATTLE – If you were hoping to buy a little slice of Seattle folklore, sorry – you’re out of luck, as Montlake’s “spite house” officially went off the market over the weekend.

The real estate agent for the seller confirmed the 830-square-foot house built out of spite has sold.

The iconic – and tiny – pie-shaped home was only on the market for several weeks before getting snatched up.

Read more here:

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Real Estate Timing in the Fall

People often ask us about market timing. When is the best time to search for a new home? When is the best time to put our home on the market? The real answer is that there is no real answer. Trying to play the market is a lot like gambling. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and most of the time success is in the luck of the draw. It’s best to move based on the needs dictated by your family and job, or to become a landlord based on your long term investment goals.

And yet… RMLS reports that in August (the most recently compiled statistics), the inventory of homes on the market was down to its lowest level in more than two years. That wasn’t just because people weren’t putting their homes on the market, it was at least in part because sales were up 28% compared to August 2011. And more buyers are out there needing homes. While I still don’t recommend playing the market, if you’ve been holding off on putting your home up for sale, these statistics show that you might want to start thinking about it.

Buyers might look at this and wonder, if inventory is so low, are there enough homes out there to choose from. They’re out there, but if you’re looking in a high demand area you may have to be patient while looking and move fast and aggressively if you find it. Low interest rates are keeping buyers active, and many of you are looking for the same thing. Despite the occasional challenge, those interest rates are exactly why you should consider looking now – when they go up it could make a huge difference in your purchasing power.

As for the timing, history may show this to be one of the strongest fall selling seasons in years… but we won’t know that until it’s history. Traditionally a season of slowing down and settling in for the long winter, this year may be different. Sellers are encouraged by the strong market. Buyers are encouraged by unprecedented interest rates. Plus the sun is out, which has a serious impact on showings. So the answer to that question about when to get into the real estate market may be answered with one word: now.
(Also, don’t pick on my luck of the draw metaphor. I’m not a big gambler.)

If you think now is the right time, or want to talk about when now might be right, then give me a call.

~Amy Seaholt
 amy.seaholt (at)

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