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Forbes Ranks Portland, 7th of America’s Fittest Cities

Health Lists & RankingsAmerica’s Fittest CitiesRebecca Ruiz, 05.26.09 A new report looks at 30 different measures to determine which cities’ residents are healthiest. In Depth: America’s Fittest Cities When it comes to healthy living, Washington, D.C., is seldom mentioned in the same breath as cities like San Francisco, Portland, Ore., and Seattle, all of whichContinue Reading

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Why we LOVE Portland

So I found some old ‘Best of’ I thought were nice to see.I did a quick check and added a few new ones.Feel free to add any you know of, I’m sure there are so much more.How can you not LOVE Portland.________________________________________________________________________________ * Most Courteous Drivers in the Country., Auto-Vantage, Norwalk, Conn* #1 Bike CommutingContinue Reading

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