Reeah D.

Elena is a straight up ROCKSTAR! She made the stress of buying a first home while living in a different state as smooth as possible. Because we were not able to fly up and see the majority of the homes we were interested in, she went to each one and took detailed videos of each floor and each room. At times she even brought in contractors (for free) to assess how much work the houses would need or to price out things we felt needed to be done. One time she even went on a covert op to check out a home that wasn’t listed because I fell in love with a photo. She also provided valuable insight on the neighborhoods we were looking in and tactfully educated us about purchases we would have later regretted.

We were not easy clients. It being our first home, there were a lot of emotions. We wanted a lot for a little and we dramatically changed what we were looking for several times. From a single family home, to a four plex, to a condo, back to a single family home. From the west side, to the east side, back again. There were many houses, many offers and a few cases of straight up cold feet. However with every new house and game plan we choose to pursue, Elena treated it with the same amount of time, care and patience she did when I asked her to check out the very first house. The house I excitedly declared we “for sure” wanted on our first phone call.

Choosing the right realtor is a very personal choice and there are a lot of realtors out there but I can’t imagine a more wonderful realtor than Elena. She isn’t just great at what she does, she is a really great person too.

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