Do you know someone moving to Portland in 2015? You probably do!

We’re over a week into 2015, which sounds very futuristic. So where is my flying car? I remember somebody saying there would be flying cars. Yet, my car hasn’t left the ground since that time I took a speed bump on SE Lincoln too fast. It’s still the same car. It hasn’t changed, and it won’t this year. But 2015 will bring other changes. We’re seeing them all around Portland, with new restaurants new transportation lines, and a lot of new carpet. Maybe even new neighbors.

Oregon had the highest percentage of people moving in vs. those moving out of all the states in the US in 2014. A huge number of those people are landing in the Portland area, so you can expect new faces and more people around town. While many grumble about the growth, we understand the draw of the city. So let’s welcome them… then encourage city planners to anticipate more housing needs and traffic flow, if they can see to that pleaseandthankyou.

Don’t forget that we can help!  If your friends or family are among the incoming transplants to the Portland area, they’ll need a place to live. We often work with people moving to Portland. We will help them get to know neighborhoods, familiarize them with available housing, and even show them a commuting shortcut or two. Be sure to put us in touch so we can get them into a great home!

So, who do you know who is moving to Portland? 

Amy Seaholt, Oregon Broker
amy.seaholt (at)

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