Expect more Micro Houses around Portland

The nation’s population is predicted to grow by 150 million in the next 40 years, we can expect at least a few of those people to be here in Portland. To poorly paraphrase Mark Twain: they’re not making more land. Instead we must learn to live on it more efficiently (read: tiny footprint), as described in this Realtor Magazine article.

Micro homes are tiny homes – from 100 to 800 square feet – with efficient floor plans and a very small greenhouse footprint. D.R. Horton has begun development of the first micro home community in Southeast Portland at 43rd and Division. Consistent with the idea of an efficient mixed use community, the neighborhood is walkable, centrally located, and cleverly developed.

Toronto’s Tiny Home

Though this photo of a Toronto home made it’s way around the internet and email lists as the target of jokes recently, the home is real and it meets a real need. These homes are targeted toward first time buyers or single-person households. Considering that married couples no longer make up the majority of homeowners in the U.S., the move to creating a smaller housing base makes sense.

You can read more about these tiny houses and see other options besides those provided by D.R. Horton here.

If you or anyone you know is interested in exploring these micro homes – or bigger houses – give Amy or Elena at Rose City Realtors a call and we can help you with your home search.

– Amy Seaholt  503-936-8705

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