Looking a the Silver Lining, Not the Cloud

Housing market’s silver lining – Jun. 21, 2011

I thought this article from CNN Money was a good read if you’re interested in what’s going to happen with the real estate market. It makes the point that the tough housing market isn’t all bad. It’s great for first time buyers and makes homes more affordable even for those who are not buying their first home, but want to move up or buy investment property.

Foundation Crack

The most interesting and thought provoking point, for me, was that this market creates a foundation for a housing recovery in the future. Of course! It makes so much sense! We were not on solid footing before, but we’re getting there now. How did I not see it before!? Oh, wait… It wasn’t just me. Few saw it before and those people weren’t believed.

Many people still can and should seize the opportunity to take advantage of the affordable market. Call Amy or Elena at Rose City Realtors if you’d like to see what you might afford in Portland today.

– Amy Seaholt, Broker in Oregon, CDPE

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