Bright White Walls. Timeless, but maybe not in the kitchen.

For years its been said that white walls when selling a house are a big turn off. The color of indecision, the perfect way to show flaws… But it looks like attitudes toward white paint are changing. This piece by Wall Street Journal highlights the many reasons why white might be the best pick when painting your house to sell.

…in real estate right now, white is hot, with home builders, developers and designers going for a white-on-white look in everything from reclaimed barns to posh penthouses.

Benjamin Moore’s color of the year for the first time ever is Simply White

When it comes to kitchens, however, it seems that sticking with a warmer tone might be better for the bottom line. In a survey put out last month by Zillow Digs photos were analyzed from approximately 50,000 homes across the U.S. sold between December 2006 and April 2016. The sale price for houses with white kitchens was an average of $1,400 less than homes with yellow kitchens. Still, white can be a great way to show off architectural details and create a larger space in other areas of the home.

“The hue of your walls has a huge impact on your psychology,” says Debbie Zimmer, director of the Paint Quality Institute, a research arm of Dow Chemical Co. “For example, red typically increases appetite and raises blood pressure, and it’s a very stimulating color, whereas white is calming and refreshing.”

Choosing wall color can play an unexpected part in buying or selling a home. The psychology behind colors is something that a home buyer might not be aware of but could be the reason for loving or loathing a house. What’s your favorite interior color?

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