Portland how I love thee

So I was recently ask to send a postcard to one of my cousins for a school project. The postcard was to be from family members, it should be from the city they live in and if they could include a note about the city, weather or things they like about their city.
I was able to find a great locale artist (www.redbatpress.com) that made postcards of the all the bridges, one of my favorite things about Portland.
Here’s what I added to the back before mailing it off. I had a great time helping with this project, Thank you Michael….

Parks, largest urban park in U.S.
Ozone-friendly, recycling and alternative energy leader
Rivers and Bridges, 10 bridges over the rivers
Transportation, best mass transit system and only platinum rated bicycling city in U.S.
Leafy, trees, trees everywhere!
Affable, friendly and outgoing people
Novel, as in it’s a unique place -and- we are voracious readers 🙂
Dining, world class cuisine and renowned local beverages (I wanted to put beer, wine and coffee, but this is an elementary school project)

Tell me what city you live in and what you like about it.

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