Just the facts

I enjoy reading ‘creative’ real estate postings as much as anyone (who knew ‘cozy’ could have so many meanings ;), but sometimes getting just the facts is all I or my buyers really want about a particular property. If the property you are wondering about is in Multnomah County, this is a great resource:

I use this site regularly and recommend it to my buyers and sellers for unbiased facts. It has info about schools, parks, taxes & lot specifics. It’s also a useful resource to find out if that new electrical or plumbing project actually got the appropriate permits. If you really want to drill down, you can get census information, crime statistics, area businesses info & transportation details.

Now this site does have one glaring omission…meth labs. Seriously, I hope ‘meth lab’ is not the first thing that comes to mind when you are thingking about buying a house, but it is something that is more prevelant that most people imagine. Thanks to the DEA, you can now see a list homes they call “Clandestine Laboratories”

Remember Oregon is a ‘buyer beware’ type of state. The sales agreement has a full section on the fact you are buying the home in an ‘AS IS’ condition. It is your responsibility (hopefully with the appropriate advice of your Realtor!), to research your potential home. The inspection is part of that research. The homes history should be too.

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May 2010 find you happy and healthy!

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