The curtains make my backyard look big

I just read this interesting artical by Mike Swain at Science, Health & the Enviroment.
It makes me wonder what my house would say.

House that twitters is home of the future

By Mike Swain on Sep 8, 09 04:52 PM in Environment

Scientist Dr Andy Stanford-Clark reckons he has cut his electric bills by a third by wirelessing up his house to Twitter.
He has “twenty to thirty” sensors dotted around his 16th century thatched cottage on the Isle of Wight telling him all kinds of information such as if he’s left the lights on or a window open.
He has linked the system onto Twitter which can send him messages about how much water he is using or when he has used £5 of electricity
He even has a globe which glows red, amber or green depending on how much energy he’s using so if it is glowing red when he goes to bed he knows he’s left something on.

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